Verloederde tuin leidt tot verlies van Engelse huurwoning

Een Engelse huurder is uit  zijn huurwoning gezet omdat de tuin niet goed onderhouden werd. De tuin:

Inside Housing meldt:

Joanne Turner, 39, of Wimborne Road in Huyton, Liverpool, and her 16-year-old son were made ‘intentionally homeless’ after ignoring repeated requests and court orders to clear a garden.

Their landlord, Knowsley Housing Trust, won a possession order against Miss Turner on March 7 this year and eviction took place on May 19.

Problems began in 2007 when neighbours complained about the state of the garden.

KHT provided Miss Turner with a skip to clear the area and then in April 2008 the association paid a private company £846 to tidy it, but the problem persisted.

An injunction was issued in February 2010 ordering the tenant to clean the garden and when this was also ignored KHT served a Notice Seeking Possession on Miss Turner.

The garden had still had not been cleaned up when the NSP expired so KHT applied to bring Miss Turner back to court.

When the court date arrived, she failed to attend and the judge awarded possession of the property in 28 days.

Terry Bonner, KHT’s operational director of landlord services, said: ‘Miss Turner was given every opportunity to clear her garden and KHT provided a skip on two occasions.

‘We do support and advise tenants on issues such as this, but we will take very decisive action where tenants refuse to correct the problem. On behalf of people who care about their community we will act to ensure their community’s environment is protected.’

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