Overlast leidt tot woningsluiting (closure order) in Wales

Ook in Wales worden woningen gesloten vanwege overlast. Hier een voorbeeld van een ‘closure order’:

‘North Wales Police have secured its first Closure of Premises Order (associated with persistent disorder or nuisance) in Rhyl.

The closure order, at 17 River Street, was issued by Prestatyn Magistrates today (Wednesday, 11th November) and is the first order of its kind to be issued in North Wales.

Over the last six months, officers from the Community Safety Team and Neighbourhood Policing Team, working in partnership with Denbighshire County Council, gathered evidence about activities surrounding the property and its occupants.

“This action was prompted by information given to officers from members of the local community,” said PC Alyn Smith from the Community Safety Team.

“Complaints regarding disorder, persistent nuisance, drunken behaviour, loud music and rowdy behaviour were being reported to officers on a regular basis.

“North Wales Police now have an additional tool with which we can deal with poorly run houses of multi occupation. We will not hesitate to use this power again if a poorly run premises is having a detrimental affect on other residents in the area.

“The Denbighshire House of Multi Occupation Forward Working Group, which consists of housing enforcement officers, planning officers, fire safety officers and police, regularly meet to pro-actively target problem premises.

He added: “We are committed to tackling poorly run premises and irresponsible landlords across the county.”

Councillor David Thomas, Denbighshire’s Cabinet Lead Member with responsibility for housing enforcement said: “This is a prime example of excellent partnership working and team work that exists between the various agencies in Denbighshire.

“We hope that the Order issued sends out a clear message that anti-social behaviour simply will not be tolerated and all the agencies involved will continue to take tough action against those that persist in anti-social behaviour of any form.

“Landlords should actively deal with anti social tenants, and work with other agencies to try and resolve poor behaviour.

He added: “We sincerely hope that the quality of life for residents on the street greatly improves and we would like to reassure communities in Denbighshire of the proactive multi-agency campaign to stamp out anti-social behaviour.”

Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys from the Central Command Team said: “The Police in Conwy and Denbighshire will do all we can to ensure that people have a good quality of life. Here we have worked with our valued partners from Denbighshire Council, the Fire Service, and most of all the people who reside and work in River Street to deliver a better place to live. Poor landlords will be challenged at every opportunity and action taken to protect and support our communities.”’