Zweedse man verliest huurwoning na overlast door te hard lachen om films

Een Zweedse man is zijn huurwoning uitgezet omdat hij overlast veroorzaakte door te hard te lachen om films. Zijn verhuurder heeft daarom de huurwoning ontruimd. The Local, Sweden’s news in English meldt:

The middle-aged man is an admitted fan of classic comedic movies from the 1930s and 40s known as pilsnerfilmer (‘Pilsner films’), the GT newspaper reports.

The man finds the films and other comedies so amusing that he can’t help but laugh out loud, much to the dismay of his neighbours, who have filed complaints with municipal property management company Poseidon.

To make matters worse for those living nearby, the man has made a habit of watching the films late at night, often resulting in a barrage of hearty guffaws that make it hard for his neighbours to sleep, they claim.

Despite repeated requests to stop the late-night laugh-fests, the man has refused to kick the habit of sitting in front of his television and howling at the decades-old Swedish films.

Posideon finally took the case to the local rental tribunal (Hyresnämnden), which initially found in favour of the humour-filled tenant.

But Posideon appealed the case to the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden, which ruled this week that the municipal housing company was within its right to evict the man from his flat.

According to the court, other tenants in the building shouldn’t have to put with the man’s “loud and recurrent” laughter.

According to GT, the man’s annoyingly loud laughter was the primary reason for his eviction, but he had also fallen out of favour with the landlord lately for refusing to stop feeding birds from his balcony.

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